Having worked on Egyptian liveaboards for 16 and 20 years respectively, we want to use our experiences to focus on a number of important points to ensure successful, informative and enjoyable liveaboard operations – and maximum care for our environment.


… on the vessel

M/Y Scuba Scene complies with the most rigorous safety standards in the Red Sea, including fire alarm & extinguishing systems, accessible and well marked emergency exits, life rafts & jackets – to name just a few.

… in diving

We will not compromise the safety of our diving guests, and will make all our decisions regarding the specifics of our itineraries, dive sites, and particular dives based on that.

We will give honest recommendations on the experience levels required for our trips, and will make sure we have a sufficient guides-to-guests ratio on board to support our divers.

We will use our knowledge and experience to help less experienced guests to improve their diving skills and leave as more competent divers after our week.

Our in-depth dive briefings will allow experienced divers to safely explore the dive sites unguided in their buddy teams, if they choose to.


M/Y Scuba Scene is spacious, functional and comfortable, with regards to the cabins as well as the public areas and the dive deck. She is a well equipped boat, with a steel hull for maximum stability and comfort while traveling.


Our focus is on cleanliness, professionalism and friendliness in all departments, salon, kitchen and the dive deck crew, maintaining the flexibility to cater for specific needs of our guests.

Our chefs will provide you with a varied and flavourful menu.

We will try to be mindful of two major points: 1) not to be wasteful with our food quantities, without compromising the appetites of our guest, and 2) to try and minimise the amount of single-use plastic packaging as much as possible (see also environment).


Protecting the marine environment and reducing our negative impact on it is a challenge we are happy to take on. We will try and reduce single-use plastic items to a minimum, and of course will follow all local guidelines. Our garbage collecting system will be adjusted to the local waste management procedures, to be as far-reaching and inclusive as is feasible and practical here in Egypt.

Covid-19 regulations have made this issue even more challenging for everyone involved, but we will be as mindful of the above as possible!

We will encourage our guests to take part in clean-up dives, and provide the equipment necessary to carry them out.

Information & Education

Elke, biologist and founder of the Red Sea Sharks trust, will provide our guests with informative and educational presentations about the marine life in the Red Sea, whenever she is on board.  Some Marine Park itineraries with her will be run as Red Sea Sharks weeks, focussing on these fascinating predators, whereas some Northern itineraries might include information on coral ecology, and night diving in Egypt, as well as give the opportunity for clean-up dives.

During other trips, invited experts in their field will join us onboard and give seminars & talks on their subjects, such as (but not limited to) underwater photography or technical diving.

Local community work/charity support

We are looking into a variety of charitable organisations here in Egypt and will keep you updated on the different options, and how we are planning to support them.