Here is a selection of possible tech dives on the itineraries we are offering:

North & Tiran

  • The wreck of the Lara at Jackson reef starts at 55m and goes down to 85m. Best for Trimix and Advanced Trimix divers.
  • Thomas canyon starts at 38m and goes down to 95m, with three arches: at 42m, 56m and 72m. Best for tech levels from Deco Procedures to Advanced Trimix.
  • The Canyon of the eel garden at Jackfish Alley starts at 42m and goes down to 55m. Best for Deco Procedures and Extended Range levels.
  • The wreck of the Rosalie Moller starts at 33m and goes down to 55m. Best for Advanced Nitrox to Extended Range divers.
  • The wreck of the Gulf fleet 31 starts at 93m and goes down to 103m. Best for Advanced Trimix divers (only dived on dedicated tech weeks).

Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone

  • Big Brother island has two of the best Tech dives we have in the Red Sea, the wrecks of the Numidia and the Aida. The Numidia starts at a depth of 18m and goes down to 85m. It can be done by any level of Tech diving from Advanced Nitrox to Advanced Trimix . The Aida is a little bit more challenging, as it starts at a depth of 30m and goes down to 60m. But it can still be dived by all levels.
  • Daedalus Reef has no specific attraction point for Tech divers, but it offers an unforgettable experience to dive with Scalloped Hammerheads – diving with these magnificent predators on tech, you maximise your time and interaction potential, reaching depths of 45m with extended bottom time – so perfect for Deco Procedures and higher.
  • Elphinstone has one of the most exciting Tech dives on this route:  the Arch – a swim through at a depth of 55m, with a fascinating reef formation that looks like an artifact/sarcophagus. A bucket list dive for many Tech divers and best done by Trimix level divers.

Daedalus & St. John’s

As mentioned above, Daedalus has no particular tech dive attraction, but being able to stay longer at depth increases your chances of sightings and dive time with the resident hammerheads. And since this itinerary starts and finishes in Port Ghalib, we normally dive Elphinstone towards the end of the trip – weather permitting. So the Arch may be an option on this itinerary as well…

Scalloped hammerhead in Daedalus...